Portfolio Management

Our Customized Approach

We are investors, not traders. Our process is client driven, allowing our expert portfolio managers to provide you with the advice and asset management skills needed to make the most of your investments. It is our job to look at opportunities created in public markets and work with you to build portfolios consistent with your needs for liquidity, your comfort level for risk, as well as other considerations. We begin our engagement by identifying your financial needs and objectives. We then determine an appropriate allocation strategy and create you a customized portfolio. Ongoing reviews and assessments are necessary to ensure your investment strategies remain consistent with your individual needs and objectives.

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Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy seeks to maximize your gains while focusing on minimizing the risk involved, within the parameters of your personal tolerance. We maintain a long-term approach designed for growth and income. Over time, our strategy has evolved as new investment vehicles have allowed for greater diversification and for global reach. We work closely with you to create custom portfolios using traditional stock and bond investments, along with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). As part of our strategy, all taxable accounts are actively managed to reduce or neutralize taxes when appropriate. You can be assured we do not utilize models in our investment strategy, leaving you with the confidence of having a customized portfolio.

Equity Strategy

The foundation of the GLR equity strategy focuses on companies that grow faster than the economy as a whole. Your stock portfolio will typically hold a relatively concentrated number of securities and have low turnover, meaning the number of buys and sells in the portfolio per year is low. While each portfolio manager has his area of expertise, investment ideas are shared among the entire Investment Team allowing us to select from a diverse range of stocks.

Your portfolio would generally contain the following types of stocks:

  • Large cap growth: high quality, large capitalization growth companies with favorable profit histories and reasonable valuations
  • Mid cap leaders: mid-capitalization industry leader companies with reasonable valuations that thrive in a particular niche
  • Turnaround opportunities: fallen growth companies that are considered to be in the process of reviving their growth history
  • Solid dividend payers who offer value: these companies could benefit from internal or external economic improvements
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): used to broadly increase exposure to certain sectors, industries, or geographies. For example, in certain portfolios we use ETFs to access international markets, small cap companies, and certain industries.

Fixed Income Strategy

Our fixed income strategy includes purchasing debt securities of short to intermediate maturities and holding them to maturity. The use of fixed income instruments enhances current income and stability and provides diversity in asset allocation for your portfolio. We may also utilize fixed income based ETFs, both U.S. and international, as wells as other yield vehicles, like REITs and MLPs, to increase income while attempting to reduce volatility.

Ideal Client

Since 1977, we have specialized in managing money for individuals, families, and institutions. We have found our services and experiences most benefit the following types of clients:

  • High-net-worth individuals with investable assets over $ 500,000
  • Individuals with inherited stock or concentrated stock positions
  • Individually managed family offices
  • Motivated professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Endowments, foundations, and corporate accounts

GLR prides itself on personal service and long-term relationships with our clients. References are available to you on request, and consideration is given to those who do not meet our investment minimums.


The investment advisory fee is based on the amount of assets under management at the end of each quarter. Since 100% of our firm’s revenue comes from fees and not commissions, you can be assured that we create customized portfolios designed for long-term growth and income. In essence, our firm’s revenue increases when your accounts increase in value. Your success is our success.