401(k) Solution

Our GLR Solution

As fiduciaries to our portfolio management clients, time and again we see the need for a 401(k) plan that successfully prepares participants for retirement. In response, we have created the GLR 401(k) solution which combines our unmatched personal service with professional money management and low cost investment strategies.

Investment Strategy

The GLR 401(k) is designed as a retirement plan solution for small- to mid-size companies. The plan utilizes Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) to create diversified investment strategies with straightforward fees. Our GLR Investment Team constructs five actively managed portfolios based on our market expertise and your participant’s risk tolerance. Additionally, we provide solutions for those participants who choose to select their own investments.

Administration & Recordkeeping

GLR works with third-party administrators to walk you through a custom designed retirement plan to specifically address your company’s needs and goals for plan creation. Once implemented, the TPA works directly with your payroll/compliance department to ensure all ERISA and Department of Labor requirements are met.

Sponsor/Participant Tools & Support:

  • Experienced implementation specialists
    How it helps: Assists you with the setup of adoption agreement and summary plan description, rollout, and administration
  • Signature-ready Form 5500 for IRS reporting
    How it helps: Easy reporting of annual 5500s
  • Easy payroll module
    How it helps: Makes paycheck management simple
  • Online participant management
    How it helps: Access to online adding and removing of participants to the plan
  • Online reporting and transaction details
    How it helps: See where your plan is at any time
  • Traditional and Roth 401(k) options
    How it helps: Maximize your savings with different account types
  • Trust fund to hold the plan assets
    How it helps: TD Ameritrade Trust serves as custodian to provide extra layer of asset protection

Fiduciary Service

Serving as an ERISA 3(38) investment manager to your plan we provide expertise in the area of investments, reducing the personal liability of the employer for selection and monitoring of the individual investments in the plan. As the highest level of ERISA fiduciary, we have the duty to act prudently on behalf of the plan participants and their beneficiaries.

Although investment costs are not the only determinate of performance, GLR believes they play an integral part in our fiduciary responsibilities. We develop our investment options using all ETFs to provide your plan with the most reasonable pricing. See the Department of Labor’s video on “A Look at 401(k) Plan Fees” here.

Employee Education

Our unique approach to participant education is offered in both English and Spanish. As registered investment adviser representatives, Leslie and Erin will work with your employees on an individual basis. They educate and advise on the importance of participating in your retirement plan while helping your employee choose the appropriate investment options. GLR is on-site at your company twice yearly and serves as a year-around resource to increase plan participation rates and employee financial awareness.